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State of Alabama ♛ Yvette Henderson
Independent Personification| not hetalia

lunch and things

Dressed in her Sunday best, Yvette made sure to give directions to the Western state to where they’d meet that day. Their meeting place, a small cafe in Mobile. Leaving her bible in her car, she enters the small establishment. Since it was sunday, not many people were there, just the way she likes it. Taking a seat nearest the windows, she’s instantly waited on. The southern woman orders a simple drink, Lemonade with ice. The waiter returns and asks if she was ready for something to eat. Yvette smiles and declines, “I’m waitin’ for someone, honey. Once he arrives then I’ll be ready.” The waiter smiles and returns to what he was doing before Yvette came in. Now she waits, “Hope he doesn’t get lost.” she mutters while taking a sip of her ice cold lemonade.

(Even though I doubt this talk wouldn’t be that long, I though lit rp would suit it best. I have a feeling it’ll be kinda awkward and they might be having some inner monologues of something. Anyway, I hope this is alright and you don’t mind. If not, I could change it up :c)